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We Offer 4 days or 7 days Panchakarma Retreat in Portugal with Yoga Mentors, Ayurveda Therapists and Health Coachs.

Yoga Mentors

Our Yoga Mentors uses techniques that apply individually to enhance quality of life, allowing you to become more aware of yourself, your body, your diet, your emotions, your relationships with others and the environment.

Ayurveda Therapists

Caring for your health is essential in order to have a body-mind-spirit balance. Get to know your dosha, the right food for you, the most indicated treatments and nourish your body with massages. Enhance your health with Ayurvedic Medicine.

Health Coachs

A health coach is a supportive and well-being mentor that designs and customizes a health programme to bring changes to your emotional, physical and mental health.

Yoga Lounge Portugal Retreats

About Us Panchakarma Retreat

Since 2006, we offer Portugal Retreats, Events and Training in Yoga, Ayurveda and Coaching, individually and in groups. We love to promote health for well-being in life. We are Yoga Lounge Portugal.

Our Panchakarma Retreats have Ayurveda Massage, Detox, Yoga, Health Coaching Sessions and Ayurveda Treatments. Where you can relaxing, detoxing, do activities, personal sessions to support your wellbeing, and many others options.

We choose for you the best 4-stars or 5-stars accommodations near beach or nature. Book your retreat with us.

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Yoga Lounge Portugal


What clients say about us

Panchakarma Retreat 4 days

John and Sarah (US)

"We spent a very relaxed 4 days and feel great serenity in my mind and body. I learned how to be at peace with me in my day-to-day life. The food was very good. Lovely retreat. We will return."

Panchakarma Retreat 7 days

Zimmermann Family (DE)

"We spent the best holidays and the most healthy ever. The kids had their leisure time and we did the panchakarma retreat and we loved it! We got more sweaty! We recommend healthy fairs in Portugal with the Yoga Lounge professionals. Thanks a lot!"

Panchakarma Retreat 7 days

Mary and Rob (UK)

"We loved the Panchakarma Retreat in Portugal for 7 days, the massages, the treatments, the delicious food. Team of professionals who know what they are doing and very kind. We recommend!"

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Our Retreats are held in 4-star or 5-star accomodations near beach or nature. Enjoying the best comfort, accomodation and food. We choose the best for you!



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